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Evenion – Event Engineering and Organization

Evenion - The Event Engineering Solution

Evenion is an event engineering Turnkey Solution, you can transform you event organization with a 100% digital solution covering all event lifecycle management from participants subscription to badge creation and users orientation


Participants will subscribe via a form containing all event details.

This online and remote process will create the initial database for the remaining event lifecycle.

Every subscriber will receive a confirmation email containing the event agenda, details and a QR code that will make his experience easier when attending the event.

Orientation & Checking In

Attendees will present only their QR code.

Organizers will use their mobile devices in order to scan and get all the information about the participant.

Organizers can scan the QR code of the attendees and provide him with the proper guidance and orientation at any time.

Organizers also will scan the QR Code and identify the attendee, the required participation fees is automatically calculated and it can be paid cash or with Credit Card.

Creating Badges

After the checking Process, Evenion Solution is instantly connected to a local printer and initiates the badge printing process.

Organizers will handle the attendee his bade containing his information and the QR Code.

At any point of the Event, Participant / Organizer can scan the QR Code , display event agenda , and get the right information about the next step of the event.

Why Using Evenion - A Digital Event Engineering Solution?

Event Engineering is a very hard and tedious process, it has many stakeholders and the management lifecycle can be quite long.
Evenion can automate and digitize your event organization in every

Smart Data Management Centralize event data access, avoid multichannel decentralized data management.

Digitize Event Engineering Lifecycle

Get rid of tedious manual processes and automate pretty much every step of you event.

Autonomous Teams

Create small and focused organizers group, reduce human resources cost at the benefit of a more attendee/organize user-friendly experience.


Develop your brand as a High-Tech Event Organizer, Impress your customer with a cutting edge technology solution.

Evenion - Logiciel de gestion d'événement
Logiciel de gestion d'événement

Evenion - Event Engineering and Organization Success Story

Stage Production is a reputed Event Management Company Specialized in Medical Conferences events Organization, 

Apeiron Technologies partnered with Stage Production in order to digitize its events organization.

We are proud to announce a 100% Success rate for our joint organized events.

Automate your Event Organization Now with Evenion

Get Evenion NOW and digitize your event management and organization, Evenion is a Turnkey solution, meaning we handle, installation, configuration and infrastructure setup.

We will provide also with the right training and resources for a quick on boarding process.