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#1 ERP For Companies

ERPNext: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for your Business

Improve your business efficiency with ERPNext, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that centralizes and automates your key processes.

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ERPNext offers you a complete solution

Take control of your business with ERPNext, the all-in-one ERP

Accounting and Finance

Manage your finances, track your cash flow and optimize your reporting.

Sales and CRM

Manage your sales cycles, build customer loyalty and boost your sales performance.

Purchasing and Procurement

Streamline your purchasing processes, optimize your inventory and negotiate the best prices.

Production and Inventory Management

Plan your production, optimize your inventory and track your production flows in real time.

Project Management

Manage your projects from start to finish and collaborate effectively with your teams and partners.

Human Resources

Manage your talents, automate your HR processes and optimize the management of your employees.

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Why Choose ERPNext?

Customizable ERP

ERPNext is a highly customizable ERP. You can add features, modify the interface, and develop specific modules to meet your unique needs.

Cost effective solution

ERPNext is a cost-effective solution that is accessible to businesses of all sizes. You can choose between a hosted solution or an on-site installation.

24/7 support

With ERPNext, you get 24/7 support and continuous assistance.

How to Integrate an ERP in your Company

Gain greater freedom and agility with the flexibility of ERPNext, which can adapt to any work process, regardless of the size of your business.

Business Needs Assessment and Module Selection.

Infrastructure Assessment and Integration Planning.

Validation with Stakeholders.

Customization and Feedback.

Final Solution Demo and Validation.

Training and User Adoption

Go-Live and Monitoring.

Maintenance and Support

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